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Ermitage Jewelers
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Ermitage Jewelers

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Ermitage Jewelers, located in Atlanta, is a premier reseller of pre-owned Rolex and other luxury Swiss watches, known for their commitment to technology and personalized service. Offering a diverse selection of high-end items, Ermitage Jewelers ensures a professional and welcoming environment where clients receive exceptional value, whether buying, selling, or trading luxury watches.

To match Ermitage Jewelers' high standards, we designed an online store that reflects their luxury offerings. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for effortlessly purchasing or selling luxury watches. This streamlined online experience simplifies transactions and enhances customer interactions, ensuring a service as premium as the products offered.




Ermitage Jewelers



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Tailwind CSS


screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

We enhanced the user interface for the watch page, the order process, and the Sell page where customers can send watches for appraisal. Additionally, we implemented custom sorting logic for watch listings, tailored to specific business rules, enhancing user navigation and experience.

Work Process

We assembled the foundation for launching the new version of the store in June 2021 over a year. Considerable time was dedicated to preparing the watch repository and developing its update functionality, enhancing the platform’s efficiency and user engagement.

Research, Sitemap
Watch Repository
Photos Preparation
E-commerce Features
Sell Functionality

Ermitage Jewelers

Ermitage Jewelers


We prefer the Mobile First approach, which we also implemented here by initially designing the UX of the sales pages, Sell pages, and overall user journey specifically for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design
Responsive Design


We implemented the full functionality of a top-notch US online store based on a custom CMS. Typical processes for handling purchases and appraising watches sent by clients for sale have been digitized, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Integrations with a group of trading platforms were completed to broaden market reach. Adding watches to the website is now as convenient as creating a row in Google Spreadsheet, simplifying management and boosting usability for the staff.

AI Features

AI Features

OpenAI is utilized for content generation and polishing, as well as for evaluating lead value and pricing strategies

Gateway Setup

Gateway Setup

Payment options through, bank wire transfers, and partial credit through Affirm have been implemented to enhance user engagement and convenience



In addition to integrating Google Shopping to expand the audience, integrations with eBay, various accounting services, and report generation systems have been established, ensuring intuitive navigation and interaction for a lifelike experience

SEO audit

SEO audit

Extensive SEO optimization has been conducted on the project, with regular audits using Ahrefs, Semrush, and ongoing monitoring of the store's global search engine rankings


  • Launched an online business with annual revenue exceeding $1.5 million
  • Reduced staffing costs by 25% through optimization and digital transformation
  • Continuously enhanced the website with new features, supported by the underlying custom platform
  • Organized and launched PPC campaigns to drive targeted advertising efforts

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